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People Involvement

The participation People involvementof AMES Reese employees is a key tool to keep the manufacturing processes at the forefront.

AMES has established different participation channels and tools for the involvement of staff, with the aim to stimulate, collect and manage the highest possible number of improvements: Quality Circles, Improvement Ideas, Task-Forces, PICOS, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and others.

Quality Circles have a particular significance, because of their voluntary nature, teamwork, continuity over time and absolute self-management freedom. Resulting from their existence, more than 3 ideas per person per year are generated annually.

Training is the best way to access new developments in technologies and working methods, and a differential factor of progress.
A good command of processes (production, administration, sales), and the need to improve them continously, imply that all members of AMES Reese must have a high level of knowledge.
Aproximately 30 hours of training are implemented per person per year. Most of this training is carried out in-house with internal teachers.


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