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Powder metallurgy Gearssuccessfully achieves the geometry of the teeth directly from the compacting operation, with a large variety of sizes and shapes (straight, double, helical), different degrees of alloying (structural steel or stainless steel), and finishings with machining, heat treatment or special coatings.

The sinter-hardening technology is widely applied by AMES to manufacture small gears with very high hardness directly from the sintering furnace without needing any further hardening treatment, and good dimensional accuracy.

AMES can produce high density gears (so high performance gears), by means of the processes Ames-Dens-A® and Ames Dens-C®. The process to use depends on the part geometry.

Common applications of powdered metal gears include the following:

- Fluid Transfer Gears: Oil pumps, fuel pumps, and SCR pumps.
- Sprockets and Pulleys for connecting systems: Oil pumps, water pumps, camshafts, crankshafts, clutches, etc.
- Gearboxes : Starters, mirror motors, car seats, drilling machines, rotary roasters, sunroof, automotive gearboxes, household appliances, home appliances, industrial gearboxes, etc.
- Gears and toothed parts of several shapes: For multiple applications.

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