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Filters and porous metallic components

Filters and porous metallic components are powdered metal parts with high porosity, between 35 and 80% in volume, typically made of sintered Bronze 89/11 or Stainless Steel 316L. They have some particular characteristics:

- Variable avarage pore size, from 2 µm to 210 µm.
- Regular behaviour: uniform porosity in all volume.
- High filters efficiency: the microporosity and the filter depth allow the retention of particles of any geometry.
- High termal resistance: up to 1.450ºF.
- High mechanical strenght: working at high pressure without deformation or degradation.
- High chemical resistance: resisting corrosion in a wide range of liquid and gases.
- Easy cleaning using solvents or by reverse recirculation: reusable, and long-lived.
- Weldable and machinable.

AMES offers the following range of filters and porous metallic components:
- Filters and porous components of Bronze. Made of spherical particles of Bronze 89/11. The mean pore size is variable from 8 µm up to 210 µm, and so its thickness. AMES offers two standard products inside this range:
- Bronfil® Discs, of standard dimensions, with diameter from 0.16 to 1.10 in, and length from 0.12 to 0.59 in.
- Bronfil® Silencers, of standard dimensions, with the thread integrated in the silencer.
- Filters and porous components of Stainless Steel 316L. They are manufactured by compacting stainless steel powder in a rigid tool under high pressure. They have high corrosion resistance, and they resist high working temperatures (up to 1,450ºF). The average pore size is variable, from 2 µm up to 16 µm. Inside this type of product, AMES also offers the Candle Filters. They are cylindrical long and thin filters, made by isostatic compacting. They are used as cartridge filters for high flow, with average pore size from 2 µm up to 100 µm.

The high and micrometric porosity of these components is useful for many applications:
- Filtering of fluids: automotive, marine, aeronautical, rail, industrial machinery, household appliances, heating, water depuration, food industry, chemical and nuclear industry, etc.
- Pressure drop: pressure control in pneumatic and hydraulic circuits (compensators, drainers, regulators), noise absorption of gas piping (Silencers), pneumatic cylinders, protection of sensors and manometers protection, gearboxes, etc.
- Flow control: heat exchangers, medical gases, scuba diving, industrial gases, etc.
- Fluidisation: handling of powdered products like cement, flour, alumina, ashes, toner powder, etc.
- Moisture reduction: general drying, electronic equipments protection, etc.
- Flame protection: gas burners, heaters, welding facilities, etc.

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