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Selfoil® standard bushings

Selfoil®selfoil standard bushings is a branf of self-lubricating sintered bushings with standard dimensions, very suitable for retail.

Selfoil® is avaliable in 3 shapes: cylindrical, cylindrical with flange, and spherical. Dimensions are according to the metric system, but a range of imperial dimensions for cylindrical shape is also available. More than 900 standard dimensions are available.

The materials of Selfoil® standard bearings are Bronze Ames-A4® and Iron.
The impregnation oil can work under temperature ranges from -4ºF to +250ºF.

The Selfoil® High Performance range corresponds to standard bushings of diameters larger than 1.20″. They incorporate a special oil designed for low speed and high load, and a solid lubricant added to the bronze Ames-A4® which decreases the friction at start and minimizes wear during service.

Standard Selfoil® bushings provide three additional advantages:
- Availability. Permanent stock, and immediate delivery (24 h after order reception).
- Service. More than 180 distributors in America, Europe and Asia.
- Packaging. Plastic bags with bar code.

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Selfoil® Rods for machining


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More than 1000 dimensions available for retail. Permanent stock.

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