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Advantages of powder metallurgy

Complex shapes
Complex shapes are directly obtained from the compacting tooling, without any machining operation, like teeth, splines, profiles, frontal geometries, etc.
High dimensional precision
Tolerances in the perpendicular direction of compacting are typically IT 8-9 as sintered, and improvable up to IT 6-7 after sizing. IT 11-13 is reached in length depending on the component geometry. Additional machining operations can improve these precisions.
Excellent surface finish
Surface of powder metal parts is composed by flat areas with very low roughness, interspersed with dips corresponding to the porosity. This surface state is better than that of machined wrought materials, which feature an alternate series of peaks’ and troughs. The lower peaks presence reduce the run-in time of the components.
Reliability and repeatability on large mass production
The tool stability, the technical complexity of the production devices, and the SPC control system, give high reliability and repeatability to the mass production of powdered metal components.
The interconnected porosity of the material can be filled with a lubricating oil, obtaining then a self-lubricating bushing: the oil provides constant lubrication between bushing and shaft, and the system does not need any additional external lubricant
Unique and isotropic materials
The powder metal materials have homogeneous micro-structure in the three space directions, so properties are isotropic. Also, the solid-state diffusion mechanism applied to create the micro-structure makes it possible to achieve compositions and materials which are impossible to obtain by melting, like composite materials made of phases insoluble or immiscible between them, or micro-insulated materials.
Weight reduction
Powdered metal parts are typically 5% to 25% lighter than the same wrought components, as a consequence of the internal micro-porosity.
Vibration damping
The internal micro-porosity of powdered metal parts produce a damping effect on the vibration propagation.
Green technology
The powder metallurgy manufacturing is certified as ecological. As material is not molten, the material waste very low, and the energy efficiency is high. Additionally, powdered metal parts are easily recyclable.


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